Doom Eternal’s campaign is “double the size” of Doom 2016

Doom Eternal is “about double the size of Doom 2016,” according to executive producer and id Software studio director Marty Stratton.

How Long To Beat suggests average times to beat Doom’s story are around 12 hours, with a good few more if you want to pick up any of the extras (I myself clocked 21 hours, with only a couple in multiplayer). Double that would be a slight increase on id’s previous estimate from August last year when, at QuakeCon, Stratton guessed at a Doom Eternal playtime of 18-22 hours, albeit with the caveat that there was still some work to do.

If indeed Doom Eternal is roughly double the size of 2016’s Doom, it would seem it’s shaping up to be around 24 hours, a fair bit longer than Stratton’s initial guess. More Doom!

“We’re really proud of this game,” Stratton tells PCGamesN. “It’s about double the size of Doom 2016. It’s epic; it’s the best thing we’ve ever created at the studio. Our levels are bigger than they’ve ever been, we’ve done double the amount of demons, so from beginning to end you’re gonna see and experience things that are always new. I refer to this as the game version of a page-turner book.”

Stratton was speaking at a press event for Doom Eternal in which we got to play about three hours of the campaign from the start.

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