DOOM Is Getting A New Movie From Universal

DOOM has been a major hit around the world – it’s fast-paced cinematic gameplay coupled with one of the most epic soundtracks of gaming history has warranted consistently positive, a release on Nintendo Switch and a vinyl soundtrack release. But that’s not all that’s coming to this 2016 game – Universal is working on a new movie of the game.

Actress Nina Bergman posted on Twitter that she will be working on a new DOOM movie:

She also cleared up that it will, in fact, be based on the video game franchise and will have a far better script than the 2005 film with Dwayne Johnson.

Universal hasn’t officially announced anything as of yet – so that’s about all that we know from the upcoming film, that being said, WCCFTECH has done some digging on Nina Bergman and it seems that most of the work she has done so far have been low-budget productions with filming happening in Bulgaria – so perhaps the DOOM film will be a straight to home movie, or a Netflix production?

For now we’ll have to wait and see.



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