Dr Disrespect Kicks Donator Out Of Champions Club For Choking His Wife

Showing zero tolerance for the topic of abuse, Dr Disrespect told a Twitch donator of $9 to get out after he confessed to choking his wife during a disagreement. Even though internet-goers frequently lie and provoke to try to get a rise out of streamers, there were no indicators of humor from this particular viewer’s words. Upon realizing the comment’s poor taste, The Doc gave the supporter the boot.

The fan’s accompanying message was read by Dr Disrespect on stream, informing the Twitch personality that he had a terrible day and “choked [his] wife after a dispute.” The Doc was clearly flustered after reading the message and was quick to condemn the supporter with the words, claiming, “That’s physical abuse. I don’t think you belong in the Champion’s Club.”

After a bit more silent reflection, he doubled down on his disgust towards the viewer. “In fact, get the f**k out. Get outta here.” The character of Dr Disrespect is that of little patience and quick anger, but it is hard to believe that was anything other than Guy Beahm IV (the man behind the mustache) telling the fan to get lost.

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The nature of the message was incredibly weird, and many speculated that it was indeed a lie to try and get a reaction out of The Doc. Regardless of whether or not it happened, even as a joke the message was in poor taste; It would be hard to criticize the streamer’s quick decision to condemn the fan.

Others thought the viewer was moronic for even donating to Dr Disrespect in the first place. There is a subset of Redditors and Twitch viewers who are quick to ridicule anyone who donates to popular streamers, pointing to their lack of need for any extra money.

Overall, if there is one thing that seemed completely unanimous – it was that no one was a fan of the supposed wife-choking donator. Although Dr Disrespect himself has made mistakes with his own family, domestic abuse is one road that he hasn’t gone down and clearly has no tolerance for it, which is exactly how it should be.

Source: Reddit

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