Dragon Quest XI Producer Details Differences Between Japanese and Western Versions; “It’s definitely a better version than the Japanese one”

Already out in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo 3DS, Dragon Quest XI’s Western version won’t just be a translated port.

In a recent interview with Dualshockers,  Dragon Quest XI’s Producer Hokuto Okamoto discussed how the development team and studio approached localising the Japanese version to the Western audience. He continued to say that they actually brought in additional features to optimize the title for the western market, including voice support, an improved UI, the dash function and more.

To be specific, we haven’t changed the actual engine, it’s still developed on Unreal Engine 4 and in bringing additional features to the North American and European version it’s probably appropriate to say that we’ve optimized the game for western markets by introducing various new features, voice support, improving the menu, and the dash function, amongst other additional features you’ll find in the western version of the game.

So it isn’t just a simple addition a couple of elements to the Japanese version of the game, there were elements where we had to fully recreate as well. So in that sense I think we utilized the expression remaster because there are aspects that have been created anew for the overseas version.

The point of that tweet, in essence, is as about us bringing all these additional features to the west, but it just wouldn’t make sense from a cost perspective to bring all of these features back to Japan, and we wanted to express that in some way. It’s definitely a better version than the Japanese one. You can rest assured that it isn’t like a subpar version of the Japanese release.

Dragon Quest XI releases on September 4 for PS4 and PC.


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