Drakkon New Dawn, and More


weekly pull week of august 19th

It is nearly a new comic book day once again. New releases are on the way and will hit comic book stores and digital comics platforms. Every week in The Weekly Pull,‘s team highlights some of the releases we’re most excited about that will be arriving in stores. Those releases might be from the big two or a smaller publisher. They might be new monthly issues, an original graphic novel, or a collected edition. It can involve superheroes or come from any other genre. Whatever it may be that has us excited, if it goes on sale this week, then we’re going to let you know all about it.

This week, Wonder Woman’s post-apocalyptic epic comes to a close, as does the X-Men’s venture into Plants vs. Zombies territory. The Power Rangers enter a “new dawn,” Dark Horse presents its latest hardcover Dragon Age collection and more.

What comics are you most excited about this week? Let us know which new releases you’re most excited about reading in the comments, and feel free to leave some of your suggestions as well. Check back tomorrow for our weekly review roundup and again next week for a new installment of The Weekly Pull.


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