Dungeon Crawler VR Title The Mage’s Tale Coming to PSVR Soon

The PlayStation VR’s library of titles is getting bigger and more varied every day, with inXile Entertainment’s dungeon crawler the latest to join the list.

Dungeon crawler RPG title, The Mage’s Tale, is coming to PSVR. The game takes place after the events of The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate and before the events of upcoming series entry, The Bard’s Tale IV. Here is a brief description of The Mage’s Tale timeline and gameplay features.

Welcome, oh apprentice of the mystic arts! The corrupt wizard Gaufroi has kidnapped your master, Mage Alguin, and only you have any hope of saving him. To win the day, you will need to explore ten deadly dungeons – including the maze-like sewers of Skara Brae and the horrific living tombs of the bloodthirsty Charn – decipher mind-bending puzzles, avoid terrifying traps, and vanquish hordes of vicious monsters.

But worry not! You wield raw elemental power in the palm of your hand, allowing you to sling gouts of flame, javelins of ice, arcs of lightning, and swirling tempests, which can finish off any fiend that stands in your way – from the snarkiest goblin to the burliest giant. As you delve deeper into the depths, you will discover and master forgotten secrets, ancient lore, and powerful spell reagents with which you can craft increasingly exotic spells to defeat even greater foes. You may be an apprentice now, but to save your master, this must become your Mage’s Tale.

Make sure to check out the game’s HTC Vive launch trailer released a couple of days ago. Once the studio announces an official release date for the PSVR version, we’ll update our readers.

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