Dying Light: Bad Blood will enter Steam Early Access in September

If you’ve been waiting to bite into Dying Light’s spin on battle royale, take heart – Dying Light: Bad Blood arrives in Steam Early Access next month. Techland has announced that players will be able to buy in early to start playing this zombie-infested battle royale brawler, and provided some new details on how the standalone game works.

To get some important details out front, Dying Light: Bad Blood will upon launch be a free-to-play standalone game, not a new mode for Dying Light. Early access is granted to players who purchase the Founder’s Pack for $19.99 USD, which also includes some in-game currency and a Founder’s Pass that comes with three legendary player skins over the first three months of the early access phase. Over the course of early access, Techland says players will also see new maps, new game modes, and special loot drops that harken back to the original Dying Light.

Since the last time we checked in with Dying Light: Bad Blood, the player count has doubled from six to twelve. Standard for the battle royale genre, you’ll arrive unarmed and have to scavenge for gear, and only one player will eventually make it to the helicopter to escape.

However, in Bad Blood, you’re playing in a city full of zombies, and destroying their hives will let you level up and become stronger. Bad Blood, like the original Dying Light, is heavily melee-focused, so whether you’re fighting zombies or other players, you’ll be doing it up close and personal.

“We’ve always been keen to add more PvP multiplayer to Dying Light,” said Dying Light executive producer Maciej Łączny in a press release. “But we want to do it in the Dying Light way, where this world swarming with infected is just as much a threat as the other players.”

Buying into early access isn’t the only way to play Bad Blood early, however. You can also visit the official website to sign up for the global playtests. The first is set for August 25, 9:00 PDT through August 26, 9:00 PDT. The second will run September 1 – September 2, also for the 24-hour period starting at 9:00 PDT.

Steam keys for those tests will go out starting August 22, and any progress you make during the playtests will transfer to the Steam early access version if you choose to buy in. Registration closes at 22:00 CET on August 18.


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