EA boosts sales expectations for Anthem

EA has two major new titles to launch before the end of the financial year, and the last few months have led the company to raise sales expectations for both of them. The company says early interest in Anthem has surpassed original expectations – as has Battlefield V, to a lesser extent – and will round out a better-than-expected fourth quarter.

Fourth quarter in financial terms means the three months ending March 31, 2019, just to head off any calendar confusion. CFO Blake Jorgensen says the “fourth quarter will be stronger than we had originally forecast, driven by higher expectations for Anthem and Command and Conquer Rivals.”

Those are the titles mentioned in the prepared statements (noted on ResetEra), though increased expectations for Battlefield were noted later in the Q&A session. That may not be the whole story, though – the Battlefield 5 release date was delayed since EA’s last financial report, so it’s now launching a bit closer to financial Q4, which may mean that continued sales into the new year will be a bit stronger. Either way, the company wasn’t specific about why they expected more from Battlefield V.

But EA did break down why Anthem expectations are growing. BioWare’s latest is a new IP, and that means forecasts start low. The company’s seen building excitement around the game, both internally and externally, including those who’ve tested it.

The Anthem release date is set for February 22, though you’ll be able to get in early with a variety of alphas and betas, as well as a proper demo. We’ll see how sales go once February rolls around.

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