EA Has 7 Games Coming To The Nintendo Switch 

When Nintendo brought out the Nintendo Wii U it was a big failure in terms of support for third-party developers. Nintendo is not making that same mistake as we’re seeing plenty of support from third-party developers on the Nintendo Switch. It could be the fact that the Nintendo Switch is such a big hit overall in the market. There’s a real charm of taking your video games on-the-go when needed or being available as a traditional console when docked. Still, it looks like there are more and more third-party video game titles coming to the console and we know that EA has a few ready to release on the console over the next 12 months. 

During EA Play we got the news of the company releasing 7 video game titles on the Nintendo Switch within 12 months. A year from now there will apparently be some EA video game titles on the console platform but we don’t know just what video games are releasing. While there are a couple already revealed such as Apex Legends and Burnout Paradise: Remastered, it seems that EA is keeping their cards close to their chest.

There have been some reports in the past of EA working on some video game titles for the Nintendo Switch, rumors had it that The Sims 4 would see a Nintendo Switch release though that has yet to be confirmed. Likewise, we know that there are some other games in development such as Lost in Random which is also slated for the Nintendo Switch. It looks like EA is really opening up their catalog of video game titles as the company recently started to bring over their video games on the Steam platform as well.

While we wait for the full list of video games coming to the Nintendo Switch from EA, what are some titles you would like to see on the console platform? Likewise, are there any games you would like to see remastered for the platform, after all, there was a lot of hope that a Mass Effect trilogy remastered edition would be announced during the event but so far the rumored remastered edition has yet to make an appearance. 



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