EA Motive Director Praises Frostbite Engine; Helped Dev Achieve Their Vision for Star Wars Battlefront II’s Campaign

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Star Wars Battlefront II is one of the best multiplayer experiences you can have, but that’s once you can get over its loot box-focused progression system. However, it is definitely a big step forward from its predecessor.

EA Motive’s Game Director Mark Thompson was recently featured in an interview with VentureBeat, where he praised the company’s Frostbite technology in helping the development team achieve their ambitious targets set for Star Wars Battlefront II. He continued to praise the engine’s ability to produce high-quality cinematics.

Yeah, the technology is pretty strong. We haven’t been held back by what we could achieve. The execution we have in the software is as close to the vision as I could imagine. And the process is, as I’ve seen it unfold with different technology and different engines—Frostbite is great at cinematics. The stuff we do looks fantastic. EA has a very good setup for facial capture and other technology. Working with the actors to get great performances—we worked with a fantastic performance director who has a great naturalistic kind of direction style. He worked really well with the actors. He directed the whole thing almost like theater, theater with a thousand cameras capturing everyone’s micro-movements on very minimalist sets. I’ve seen some minimalist theater, and it’s very much like that.

We get very natural performances, which is important for something that’s going to be realized through this technology. It needs passion and soul and character and humanity behind it, so that when you get to digital back end of making it look realistic and cinematic, all of that stuff comes through.

What do you think of Thompson’s statement? Do you like Battlefront II? Let us know your thoughts.


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