EA Sports UFC Gameplay Update 6 Brings Major Changes

EA Sports’ latest entry in the fighting franchise, EA Sports UFC 3, recently received a major update.

Gameplay update number 6 brought a lot of gameplay changes, adding new moves and even new fighters. The biggest changes were made to takedowns, now allowing players to execute irreversible takedowns in certain situations. In addition to that, the update adds the Muscle Modifier feature to the ground game, which enables players to speed up their transition to ground positions at the cost of their stamina. You can read more about each addition and their respective details, but for now here is a brief description regarding each feature, the new fighters added and changes made to AI and game modes.


The biggest change to grappling comes in the form of a new feature, allowing you to perform takedowns on your opponent that cannot be denied when setup in the proper context. In order to perform these takedowns, you’ll need to use a fighter who has a double leg takedown and has a takedown rating of 90 or higher.

Muscle Modifier

Once the fight makes it to the ground, the player can now take advantage of a new feature which allows you to use more strength and energy to complete certain transitions before your opponent is able to complete theirs. We call this the Muscle Modifier.

Ground and Pound

The last big change to grappling involves ground and pound. In an attempt to make finishing the fight from the ground more viable, we’ve slowed down head health regeneration on the ground. This will make damage persist for longer, making it possible to use strikes more strategically to setup finishes.

New Fighters

  • Heavyweight – Curtis Blaydes
  • Women’s Bantaweight – Ketlen Vieira

Game Modes

  • Gameplay Sliders added to Event Mode
  • Health Events added to Post-Fight Statistics
  • Added more potential Rivals to Career Mode
  • Added indicator to schedule camp screen to display the last gym trained at
  • Added icon on tabs when new moves are earned in Career Mode
  • Added Random Fighter option to Fighter Select screens
  • Ultimate Team Customization improvements
  • Updated New Zealand and Australian Fight Kits
  • Opponent HUD removed for Division 6 or higher in Ranked Championships and all LEC matches
  • Fighter Grades added to Ranked Championship Fighter Select, which determines potential Rank Point gain or loss
  • Misc. Ranked Point improvements for Ranked Championships
  • Added Fighter Select back-out option for high latency matchups


  • Added ability for AI to use grapple fakes depending on difficulty
  • Decreased aggression of AI on Pro & Legendary difficulty
  • Fix AI defense in practice mode sparring
  • Properly defend against muscle modified transitions

The update is currently live on all platforms.


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