EA’s E3 Conference Break Down

EA’s E3 Conference June 9th, 2018

BFV Multiplayer
Can move defensive weapons (artillery)
Better destruction system
Customize everything (player, vehicles, weapons, etc.)
Reiterated no lootboxes, no season pass
Battle Royale
Grand Operations
Another trailer shown
BFV Singleplayer
Follows different characters in WW2 similar to BF1’s story mode


New champions league mode
FIFA 18 free trial available now
Trailer shown

EA Cloud streaming service
Multiple devices
Not out yet

Origin Access Premiere
All new PC games
Madden NFL back on PC for the first time in a decade
Access to “the vault”
Library of games from EA and other publishers
Out later this summer
Edit: $15 a month or $100 a year (thanks u/rentisb)

Respawn’s new game
Not ready to show all their new stuff (they have 3 games)

Star Wars Game
Name: Jedi Fallen Order
Be playing as a Jedi
Takes place during the dark times (when the Jedi are being hunted)
Between episodes 3 and 4
Holiday of 2019
Nothing shown

Battlefront 2
Admitted it wasn’t as good as they wanted
Committed to improving it

Solo (movie) content
New squad system for easier playing with friends
Starfighter mode
New multiplayer sandbox mode for attacking command posts and taking capital ships
Clone wars content this year
New heroes and villains
Count Dooku
Anakin Skywalker

Unravel two (EA Original)
Designed to be played with two characters (even in singleplayer)
Demo and trailer shown
Out today

A Way Out was very successful, leading EA to pushing more EA Originals
Sea of Solitude (EA Original)
Concept is focused on loneliness
Based on real story despite being in a fantastical setting
About a young woman who is suffering from loneliness and becomes a monster. Game is about finding how this happened and how to turn her human again.
Trailer shown
Coming early 2019

NBA Live 19
Trailer shown

Madden 19
Trailer shown

Shoutcasted over Command and Conquer Rivals (mobile strategy game)
Pre-Alpha out today on Android
Trailer shown after the gameplay

New trailer
Trying to merge story with open-world multiplayer
Shared world but bases/hub areas are singleplayer
February 22nd, 2019 (same day as Days Gone) release date
Various gameplay clips
Lots of concept art still being shown (could mean a delay is possible)
The suit is called a Javelin
4 suits (classes) with different abilities
Can change suits whenever
No lootboxes, no gameplay related microtransactions (i.e. there will be cosmetic microtransactions) (thanks for the clarification u/DrasticDream)
Can play the game solo
Gameplay demo

No Skate 4 :/

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