Epic Games CEO Believes Microtransactions from Happy Customers Are the Best Funding a Studio Can Get

Epic Games certainly owns the biggest title in the gaming industry right now, with Fortnite racking up more than $1 billion since its release just from microtransactions and partnering with Funko POP! to bring Fortnite-themed merchandise to the public. In addition to that, the studio is continuously investing more and more money back into the game for more content and patches for rebalancing, as well as holding weekly competitions and eSport tournaments.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney was featured in an interview with GamesBeat, where he dedicated the success and money gained from microtransactions to keeping the game’s playerbase happy, describing it as the”best type of funding a company can get.” This allows the company “an unlimited ability” to support the title, its servers and even other games under the studio.

As far as the success of Fortnite, that’s the best type of funding a company can get: microtransactions from happy customers. We’re heavily reinvesting, based on Fortnite’s profits, in the underlying game. We’re building our team, adding features, starting a lot of long-term initiatives that will bear fruit in the coming years. We’ve been investing into Fortnite esports. We have competitions, events, and opportunities to win real money. We’ve announced $100 million in prize pool money coming in the next 12 months. This is a great boon for Epic. We have an unlimited ability to invest in our technology, our games, and all the ecosystem around it.

Fortnite celebrated its first-year birthday by giving players a number of challenges to complete and get a special back bling for their character.

[Source: GamesBeat]


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