Epic Games CEO Reveals Exclusive Signings Will Stop Under One Condition From Steam

Epic Games has been the real competitor against Valve’s Steam platform over the years Steam has been the go-to place for video game purchases on the PC platform. Likewise, it was the go-to place in order to connect with a gaming community. However, when Epic Games came into the market, it offered something better for developers, a better revenue share. As a result, a lot of big name video game titles became exclusive or timed exclusives for the Epic Games Store launcher. Since then there has been plenty of gamers creating an uproar online against Epic Games.

Whether you’re for, against or simply don’t care about a launcher used to enjoy a video game, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has announced a new deal that would benefit developers again along with Steam fans. Instead of seeking out exclusives, Tim Sweeney simply asks that Valve’s Steam platform matches their revenue share. This would give developers a better cut for their hard work and give gamers the ability to enjoy video games on whatever launcher it’s available on.

If Steam commits to a 88% no strings attached revenue share for developers then Tim Sweeny vows to stop seeking out exclusives for their Epic Games Store. From the look of things, this would be a win, win situation. Gamers would be able to use Steam if they wish and developers would get the same cut of revenue that Epic Games Store currently offers.

Now it seems to be up to Valve if this will actually happen. We’re sure that developers would be for this decision. But for now, it’s a waiting game though Tim Sweeney certainly feels that this would make for a great moment in the history of PC gaming.

Source: Twitter, GameSpot


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