Epic Games Detail Fortnite’s Horde Mode


Epic Games‘ Fortnite is getting a new game mode on October 2nd, once the game’s Survive the Storm event ends which is on the same day.

Fortnite’s Horde Bash replaces the activities that were available during the event. The mode pits players against waves of “escalating challenges.” Here is everything you need to know regarding the new mode, including the basics, its rewards and more:

Challenge the Horde will add an instant action wave base defense mode to Fortnite. We wanted to provide more information to help all of you prepare for the Horde Bash event. Please let us know if this primer is helpful.

The Basics:

  • Fight waves of husks in escalating challenges
    • Each challenge has 10 waves with mutations
    • 100+ challenges starting at Power 5 and increasing to Power 100
    • All challenges are made for 4 players and allow each player to use a defender
  • Build a reusable base
    • Built prior to starting the challenges
    • Resources for building are unlocked from the Horde Skill Tree
    • Horde Points are used to unlock more base building resources
  • For each challenge you only have your base and your schematics
    • Each player brings a base to the defense
    • Each challenge has a strict set of crafting resources
    • Resources are tiered to the difficulty of the challenge

The Rewards:

  • 29 consecutive quest rewards provide Scavenger Tickets and/or
    • Choice of a Rare Defender
    • Choice of Melee or Ranged Epic Scavenger Weapon Schematic
    • Legendary Scavenger Makeshift Launcher Transform Key
    • Legendary Scavenger Weapon Transform Key
    • Choice of Legendary Scavenger Hero
  • You can play 6 challenges a day for Scavenger Tickets and Horde Points
    • Each reward has a 24 hour cool down before you can earn another
    • Higher difficulty earns more Scavenger Tickets
  • Scavenger Llamas can be purchased from the Loot tab
    • Includes chances for all the unique Scavenger event items.
      • Four Scavenger Heroes
      • Nine Scavenger Weapons

Tips and tricks:

  • To start you’ll need to unlock the first node in the Horde Skill Tree
  • Base Building
    • Use the ‘Base Manager’ console to get your resources from the storage tab
    • The storage tab has a ‘Withdraw All’ button
    • Use defender pads, place them on your base!
  • The fight
    • Have a mix of schematics that require different ingredients
    • Use a defender, you can have up to four active.
    • Use all your resources, you can’t take them with you
    • Be ready to lose and come up with a new strategy

We hope this helps your prep for the event. We’ll share more details on Horde Bash and Challenge the Horde next week. Talk to you soon!

Are you excited to play Fortnite’s Horde mode when it drops on October 2nd?


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