Everything & Metro 2033 Redux Set For Epic Games Store Free Titles Next

Epic Games Store has a ton of hate going towards it but that seems to have been slowly winding down. We could list out the different reasons consumers have complained about with the Epic Games Store, but there is at least one reason to join the Epic Games Store and that’s the free games that come out each week.

Each week for 2019, Epic Games is bringing out free titles to enjoy. Best of all, the free video game titles are free forever just as long as you claim them. As a result, you’ll need to create a free account and redeem your video game titles each week. Once they are redeemed they are yours to keep forever so there’s no reason not to grab them up when they become available.

This week there is a total of six Batman video game titles for players to enjoy. Included is a mix of Arkham series games along with Lego Batman games. We now know that starting on September 26, 2019, the next two free video game titles will bet the indie title Everything along with the FPS, Metro 2033 Redux. Again, these two video game titles won’t be available until September 26, 2019, so it’s best to be ready now and even secure your free Batman video games that are presently available. 

Source: Epic Games Store 


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