Extinction’s Prehistoric Escapades Out Now on PC & Consoles

The wait for Extinction, Iron Galaxy’s bloodthirsty combat survival adventure, is over at long last. If the Iron Galaxy label sounds familiar, that’s because this development team was partially responsible for the 2013 Killer Instinct title. But Extinction represents a rather primitive turn. Instead of busting combos, you’ll be wall-running and whipping 150 foot beasts into submission.

There’s also a deep strategic current which runs through the main gameplay. Often, you’ll be faced with tactically demanding decisions, such as weighing up whether you should defeat a mob of minions to save innocent civillians, or slay the greasy ogre who’s ravaging the city. Extinction‘s single-player campaign comes with fully destructible environments and countless battle scenarios that will keep you gasping for breath. For the modders, there’s an online skirmish mode which lets you fashion your dream battleground and duke it out for top score.

Extinction is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is a possibility it will launch on Nintendo Switch in the future as well.

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