Fall Guys Celebrates 1 Million Twitter Followers With the Perfect Video

The immensely successful social media presence of Fall Guys has now attracted over 1 million Twitter followers just weeks after the game released. It’s a following Mediatonic’s senior community manager Oliver Hindle has been building up to recently as the follower count climbed higher thanks to tons of concept art, fan suggestions, and spicy tweets. To commemorate the occasion, the Twitter account had the perfect tweet for 1 million followers that doubled down on the yellow team memes.

Hindle and Mediatonic prepped players for the celebratory tweet as the follower count approached 1 million. After hitting the number on Wednesday, those followers were treated to a video showing everyone on the yellow team, the punching bag of Fall Guys.

The cascade of yellow jellybean players fell into an Egg Scramble map until the entire arena was covered in writhing yellow team members.

For those relatively new to the yellow team prejudice in Fall Guys, the team is one of four possible ones players can find themselves on when being assigned teams. It developed a reputation for losing almost instantly after the game released, and the Fall Guys Twitter account has ran with the meme by frequently joking about yellow team and even suggesting that Mediatonic could delete the team entirely if it got enough retweets.

The success of Fall Guys on Twitter is of course directly tied to the game’s popularity, but it’s also got a lot to do with its less rigid style of communication and some viral campaigns. A contest is going on now, for example, where companies can pledge donations to a charity with the winning brand earning themselves a skin in the game. Fall Guys has also been waging war against the streamer TimTheTatman who has yet to win a game at all, but he’s at least gotten a lot of viewers to watch him on his journey.

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