Fall Guys Gets a Portal 2 Skin

Fall Guys expanded its collection of crossover skins on Saturday with the release of the P-Body outfit that comes from Valve’s Portal 2. It follows skins from similarly popular games like Team Fortress 2 and Enter the Gungeon that were added previously. The skin is available now in the store, but only for a limited time and only for those who have earned enough Crowns by winning games to give them enough of the currency to purchase the whole set.

Head into the Fall Guys marketplace now and you’ll see the skin below available to purchase. Things like this would normally only be found on Steam since it’s a Valve-related skin, but thanks to one of Fall Guys’ most recent updates, the skin’s now available on the PlayStation 4 as well as were the other ones after they were released.

If you’re been keeping up with recent Fall Guys news and the hunt for the best players in the world, you may have already seen the skin shown above. It was given out a few days early to the player who was statistically the best performer in the game. That player just so happened to be the well-known streamer DrLupo who noticed during his stream that the skin had been added to his collection.

That’s certainly one way to get a new skin, but for everyone else in the world who is not statistically the best, you’ll have to pay for it with your hard-earned Crowns. This skin’s categorized as a Legendary cosmetic and is therefore pretty expensive with the upper and lower halves costing five Crowns each. That means you’ll need a total of 10 Crowns to complete the look, but if you’ve been leveling up through the seasonal tiers of rewards, you won’t need 10 wins since you’ll already have earned a few Crowns from Season 1.

Speaking of seasons, it won’t be long until we learn more about what’s planned for Fall Guys Season 2. Though the game just launched this month, plans are already being laid out for Season 2. New levels, cosmetics, and other features are expected, but we won’t know for sure what Mediatonic has planned until we get our first look at Season 2 from Gamescom’s opening night.

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