Fall Guys has cheaters, but they’re getting banned

Not even Fall Guys is safe from hackers. Since the cute bumble royale stumbled on the scene recently, some players have taken to using cheats and exploits to snag victories. Thankfully, the game’s developer, Mediatonic, reckons it now has the situation under control.

“It’s now no longer necessary to report individual cheaters,” reads a tweet from the game’s Twitter account. “Since we’ve been tuning our detection criteria we’ve noticed a large drop in cheaters – getting better! A huge thank you to everyone who has been playing the game fairly, you’re all awesome, and we love you!”

Seeing hacked beans is as odd as you’d think. Fall Guys cheats involve players making their jelly bean faster than everyone else’s and immune to being knocked back by various objects. While it’s all quite amusing to see in action, it’s good that it has been sorted out. If you’d like to see some bumbling super beans zipping across the map, you can check out the Tweet below. Despite the hacker’s advantage, they still can’t clutch the victory – oh my.

If you’ve not played the multiplayer game yet, we’d recommend it. In her Fall Guys review, Jen explains “Fall Guys’ ingenious game show royale formula is a recipe for success, and its gameplay is full-fat unadulterated fun”. She also compares it to contraception – so you should read it.

Fall Guys has been – or should that be bean – a roaring success since it bumbled out of its beta. The Fall Guys sales came in at two million for its first week on Steam, which isn’t too shabby at all.

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