Fallout 76 Is An Online Only Multiplayer Survival Shooter

Announced just prior to E3 Bethesda unveiled some more details on their upcoming RPG, Fallout 76. A question that has been on the lips of everyone since the original reveal is if this iteration of the nuclear apocalypse will be single-player, or will we finally be able to take to the wasteland with some friends?

Bethesda has answered the call, officially announcing that Fallout 76 won’t be a single-player game, in fact it will be something more like a mixture between Fallout 4 and Destiny, “softcore survival” as Bethesda’s director, Todd Howard puts it. Players will be able to band up together, build bases, craft weapons and venture together into the unknown. That being said, the game can be played solo, you’ll just have a much harder time progressing through it.

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Fallout fans can expect the usual stuff from the hailed RPG series,  nuclear bases and silos, over the top weapons, lore and a ton of super mutants and creatures to fight.

There will be a multiplayer beta for the game, but right now it seems to be tied only to the special edition of the game. If it’s made available publicly, we’ll let you know.

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