Fallout 76 Not Possible For Nintendo Switch Platform

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Bethesda is a well-known video game development studio and one that has brought out a number of incredible franchises. One of the upcoming releases from the studio that is soon to hit platforms next month is Fallout 76, a spin-off title from the main installments of the franchise. One platform that is going to miss out on the video game release is the Nintendo Switch.

The team over at Bethesda has been bringing over a few video game titles onto the Nintendo Switch platform, ports essentially of previous video game releases. Though now most Nintendo Switch owners are likely looking towards the future with more current video game releases such as Fallout 76. During PAX Aus, Bethesda’s marketing executive spoke about the console and video game, revealing that it’s not possible to bring the title over.

Pete went on to say that he wants Bethesda to be known as the guys who take risks by bringing over titles onto the Nintendo Switch platform. Apparently, the platform is brought up in every conversation with developers looking to see if not only the game on the console could be viable but also on their radar as a potential platform to release the game on.

Fallout 76 is just was one of those games that couldn’t make the cut on the platform. This is an online-only title where players take a role as vault dweller of Vault 76. Within the game, Vault 76 is the first vault to open and it’s your job to explore the wasteland and attempt to rebuild civilization. Currently, Fallout 76 is set to release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms this November 14, 2018.

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