Fallout 76 will let you turn into a kangaroo

For a series called Fallout, it’s no surprise that radiation has always been a central theme. In Fallout 76, radiation will also play a part in shaping your character under the revamped SPECIAL and Perks system.

While most of your character build in Fallout 76 will be up to you, dependent on how you assign SPECIAL points and Perk cards, spending time in irradiated areas comes with the chance of undergoing a mutation that alters your character.

In a video segment titled ‘Being a Better You!,’ mutations are covered briefly. While standing in a puddle of bright green ooze, he morphs into some kind of kangaroo-human hybrid.

“Thanks to our old pal Radiation, your DNA has become more interesting,” the cheerful 1940s narrator exclaims. “See here? You’ve gained the unique abilities of a marsupial… in exchange for a mild neurological impairment.”

The mutated Vault-Boy hops over an enemy’s head and hits him with a shotgun blast, only to clumsily charge Wile E. Coyote-style over the edge of a nearby cliff.

This suggests that mutations will be a replacement for the traits system seen in Fallout 3 and New Vegas – strange, and sometimes comedic modifiers that come with as many drawbacks as benefits.

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You can check out everything we know about Fallout 76 while you wait for the game’s launch November 14.


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