Fans Are Feeling Sticker Shock Over the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System just might be one of the coolest options out there for video game fans, but the price of the set is already scaring off some potential buyers. While the $229.99 price is in keeping with what LEGO fans would expect given the piece count, the casual crowd was expecting something a bit cheaper. After all, the system is actually more expensive than a Nintendo Switch Lite, and that actually plays games! It seems likely that the package will still prove quite successful for LEGO, but many Nintendo fans will likely choose to grab some of the cheaper Mario sets, instead.

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Keep reading to find out what fans are saying about the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System!

A lot of people weren’t expecting that figure!


Seems like a safe bet we’ll see one made by fans, eventually.


Unfortunately, it seems that the price is a bit too steep for most.


That is one upside!


Now we just need a version with Kirby’s Adventure!


Of course, longtime LEGO fans weren’t surprised!


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