Farmer Supreme – Adorable Upcoming Farming Sim

Farmer Supreme is a super cute farming and life sim game currently in the works by Sombrero Cat LLC.

Farmer Supreme

As you must know very well by now, I am always on the lookout for new cute indie games that all my friends will love. Well, I certainly found an amazing gem in Farmer Supreme, a farming and life sim game currently in production by Sombrero Cat LLC.

Just from what has been revealed so far, I can already tell that this will be one super cute indie worth keeping an eye on! From animate and angry corn, to jolly little witches with jerboa (charming, hopping desert mouse-like rodent) assistants, Farmer Supreme is set to be a whimsical farming adventure full of love and laughs.

Farmer Supreme

What is Farmer Supreme

In a world all but lost to the darkness and filth, there lives one orphan boy with a dream. A dream of returning life and love to the world by way of becoming the Farmer Supreme. The developer gave a short bio in one of the Twitter videos on their feed, and it reads just like this…

“In a world filled with perils and evil monsters lure in the shadows,
thieves await at the end of the road.
Danger on every turn of a corner.
Heroes rise, kingdoms fall.
Legends are forged in Fire and Ice
Kids grow to be warriors
to slay creatures and rescue princesses.
Glory and fame aspiration.
But one humble orphan kid,
who has lost everyone and everything,
tired of living in hunger and despair,
will start a quest that no one thinks about,
Choosing the way no one cares about,
to help his hungry townsfolk,
to learn the long lost art,
from the last known master,
and to become the next infamous,

Farmer Supreme

What to expect from Farmer Supreme.

First and foremost, there will be farming. Aside from tending to your horticultural duties, there will also be a combat aspect to the game, an exhilierating touch that will bring some excitement to the daily grind.

The developer went so far as to describe the game as “… a mix between farming sims AND adventure. Cute but with a lot of combat and strategy elements just like any other Zelda-like game/RPG.

There will also be many of the wonderful features of farming sim games that we have grown to love over the years, like day/night cycles, as well as customizable characters to help give that personal feel.

Farmer Supreme Trailer

A title to keep an eye on!

With a rich and heartfelt story, Farmer Supreme will be a most welcomed addition to the farming sim genre. Most of the information on the game is available through the developers Twitter feed, which you can view here (be sure to follow while there).

There is a website for the game in the works as well, and is set to be available to the the public in a about a day and a half, which you can keep an eye on here.

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