First-Person Horror Title The Peterson Case Coming to Consoles and PC

Within the last couple of years, most of the best horror games we received were from indie developers, including the likes of Outlast, Amnesia, SOMA and many more. Quarter Circle Games’ first-person horror title, The Peterson Case, looks promising enough to join the latter list.

The Peterson Case puts players in the shoes of detective Franklin Reinhardt as he unravels the mysteries buried in an abandoned house. The studio believes the title has “the perfect balance between atmospheric horror, suspenseful narrative, and engaging puzzles.” Here is a brief description of the title:

The Peterson Case is an exciting horror game which will keep you on the edge of your seat – Play as Detective Franklin Reinhardt as you explore a deserted house; unraveling the spine-tingling tale of what has happened to its missing residents.

Set in 1947. In a location near the Roswell UFO incident. You will play as an experienced detective who has been called in to find information and clues about the mysteriously missing family. Franklin soon discovers that there is an unearthly presence within the house that is hot on his trail – but can he solve the crime before it is all too late?

The Peterson Case strikes the perfect balance between atmospheric horror, suspenseful narrative, and engaging puzzles. Taking the player through a unique experience which is rare within the horror genre.

The Peterson Case still doesn’t have a set release date, but it is expected to release for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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