First-Person Puzzle Title The Spectrum Retreat Releases Later this Year; Comes from BAFTA Award Winner

Publisher Ripstone Games and 2016’s BAFTA Young Game Designer winner Dan Smith finally revealed the project they’ve been working on for around five years now.

The Spectrum Retreat, a first-person puzzle title set in the near future in a luxurious yet eerie hotel, called The Penrose. Players get to solve puzzles to explore the hotel’s story and unravel its mysteries. Smith expressed his gratitude to those who helped him pick up the BAFTA award during the game’s development. He continued to discuss The Spectrum Retreat’s innovative mechanics and “pushing the game further in every aspect.”

The last few years have been a great experience. When I first began development, I couldn’t have anticipated that five years later we’d be releasing a game like this and that I would pick up a BAFTA along the way. The Spectrum Retreat is built on the mechanics I developed a few years ago, but they’re now integrated with a mature, absorbing story and setting. It’s been great to push the game further in every aspect and to craft an engaging world that can deliver the puzzles and story together

Here is a gallery of in-game screenshots:

Make sure to check out The Spectrum Retreat announcement trailer. The title is yet to have an official release date but it is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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