For Honor Gets a 4K Patch For The Xbox One X Today

Ubisoft’s pvp-centric fighter, For Honor is set to receive a 4K patch for the Xbox One X today.

While we’ve already known that the title has been confirmed to receive enhancements for Microsoft’s beefed up console, the Xbox One X, we haven’t really know the exact specifics of what to expect. Now Ubisoft’s Twitter has announced the details of what to expect with the patch.

The first thing gamers can expect is a bump to 4K resolution (Ubisoft hasn’t stated whether it is native or checkerboard). Alongside this upped resolution players will also get a couple of additions such as improved water reflections, shadow resolution and more. Here’s a look at the full treatment:

  • Improved Water Reflections
  • Improved Distance Level of Detail
  • Improved Shadow Resolution
  • Improved Texture Filtering
  • 4K Resolution

Don’t know what For Honor is about? Check out the game’s official excerpt below.

‘Step into the visceral world of For Honor, and fight for the honorable Knights, the deadly Samurai and the ferocious Vikings. With a memorable Story Mode playable in Single Player & Co-Op, plus innovative multiplayer modes including 1v1 Duel, 2v2 Brawl, 4v4 Dominion and more, you’ll find out why millions of players are getting in the game. Grab your friends, and help decide which faction reigns supreme!’

For Honor is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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