For Honor Starter Edition Launches; $15 For PC

Ubisoft has just announced a far more affordable version of the third-person competitive fighter, For Honor. Available exclusively on PC for $15 via Steam and Uplay, this edition retails for $45 less than the standard edition.

So what can players expect from the ‘lite’ version of the game? Well, first off, All multiplayer modes and the single-player campaign are included. However, you only receive access to three Vanguard heroes with another three heroes after you choose a faction. You’ll be able to progress and collect loot with the heroes, but if you want access to the 12 others and the ability to customize your character, you’ll have to pay Steel. That being said, earning steel isn’t too difficult to do and if you find yourself spending too much time grinding, you’ll always be able to pay real money.

For Honor has seen various changes, bug fixes and alterations to gameplay since its launch. Most recently the title received dedicated servers across platforms, fixing a host of connectivity issues players had before.

For Honor is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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