For Honor To Get Dedicated Servers For Consoles Tomorrow

From tomorrow, Ubisoft’s For Honor is set to receive dedicated servers for console players. The transition will be completed following a maintenance starting at 2:00PM UTC.

The dedicated servers will drastically improve online performance for all PvP modes. PC Players recently got dedicated servers and saw several improvements to the online experience including:

  • Resyncs and host migrations during games have been entirely eliminated.
  • Match completion rates on PvP modes have improved overall.
  • Major fixes have already been implemented on the PC side following the launch to improve the experience on servers.
  • Consoles players will benefit from these improvements from day one.

Unfortunately, it seems that these dedicated servers are arriving a little bit later than what we would have hoped. The game launched last year and was met with wide criticism due to clashing mechanisms (for a game that praises players for precise targeting and quick movements, peer-to-peer has basically ruined it).

Thoughts on dedicated servers? Let us know in the comments down below. For Honor launched last year, and was available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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