Former PS5 Engineer Confirms That Several Features Have Yet To Be Leaked

There are plenty of eager gamers out there that can’t wait to get their hands on the next-generation console platforms. We’re moving away from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in order to make room for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The problem here is that we’re still waiting for several announcements such as a release date to even some feature reveals for the PlayStation 5. While fans have been throwing out some speculation pieces online and supposed leaks, one particular former engineer that worked on the PlayStation 5 confirmed that there are several features that have yet to be unveiled.

We’re not sure just when Sony plans to make a big reveal for the PlayStation 5. We’ve seen news regarding the DualSense, Sony’s next-generation controller, along with the hardware components running the system. Other than that, we’re pretty much been left in the dark as to what else the console will be able to deliver on when it launches supposedly this holiday season. Now one tweet from a particular engineer confirms that Sony is keeping their secrets well kept.

In a response tweet, Matt Hargrett confirms that several features for the PlayStation 5 have yet to show up in any leaks online. Being someone that has worked on the PlayStation 5, he would certainly know if some features have been released outside of Sony’s knowledge. Unfortunately, Matt wasn’t going to give any hints as to what we could potentially see with the PlayStation 5 either.

We’re nearing the halfway mark for 2020 and we’re sure that an official announcement or reveal is inbound. While knowing what’s powering the PlayStation 5 is nice, it would really make a difference for some gamers to learn just what the console can offer at launch in order to determine if the next-generation platform will be able to compete against the Xbox Series X.

Source: Twitter


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