Fornite Battle Royale Latest Update Adds Silenced Pistols

Epic Games has just launched a new update for the Battle Royale Mode for their sandbox survival title, Fortnite. Available in Epic and Legendary rarity, and can be found in treasure chests, supply drops, or floor loot.

The update also introduced a limited mode called Sneaky Silencer, this mode limits loot to the Suppressed SMG and Silenced Pistol. Traps will be disabled, and the drop rate of the Bush will be greatly increased.

It will be interesting to see how the pistol works considering they aren’t the most used weapons due to the accuracy and low damage (that being said, the revolver is ridiculously powerful, but has a super slow rate of fire)

Silenced Pistol

  • Can be found as Epic and Legendary rarity.
  • Can be found in treasure chests, supply drops or as floor loot.

Sneaky Silencers
This Limited Time Mode is available January 5 and ends on January 8.

  • Weapons are limited to Suppressed SMG and Suppressed Pistols only.
  • Traps are disabled.
  • Greatly increased drop rate of the Bush.

This pistol marks the second silenced weapon to be introduced into the game with the first being the silenced SMG which launched in November last year.

Excited to give the weapon a try? Let us know in the comments.

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