Fortnite 5.2 patch notes: Break Barrel Shotgun, Rail Sniper, and Durr Burger skin

Fortnite 5.2 patch notes

What are the latest Fortnite patch notes? There’s always a new update coming to Epic’s excellent battle royale game, so here’s what is in the Fortnite 5.2 patch notes.

The latest content update comes in the shape of the Fortnite 5.2 patch notes, and it promises to change the game in exciting new ways all over again. Last week we enjoyed the return of the troubled Guided Missile, but we’re itching for more as we devote more hours to Epic’s seminal take on battle royale. Now that Fortnite season 5 is at the halfway point, we’re looking forward to seeing what these new additions bring.

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We’re not sure precisely what is contained in the Fortnite 5.2 patch notes, yet, but we do have a good idea thanks to leaks from the Fortnite Android launch. Thanks to @FNBRLeaks we have a pretty good idea that new customisation opportunities such as Fortnite hats and custom map markers. Also, thanks to some detective work from XDA Developers, we might get a Fortnite Heavy Sniper after it failed to appear in last week’s Fortnite 5.1 patch notes, not to mention the brand new Break Barrel Shotgun and Rail Sniper. Whatever happens it promises to be a biggie, so here’s everything we know about the Fortnite 5.2 patch notes.

Fortnite 5.2 patch notes release date

Epic’s refreshes come every Tuesday morning, so the Fortnite 5.2 patch notes release date should go live tomorrow at 9am BST (4am ET / 1am PT). Below will be the full update when it goes live and, since this will be a large update, expect some downtime.

Fortnite 5.2 patch notes – Break Barrel Shotgun

First, a disclaimer: according to the leaks, the Break Barrel Shotgun, Heavy Sniper, and Rail Sniper have been added to the APK files, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to get your hands on them tomorrow. It looks likely that will be tomorrow or next week, but we can’t be sure.

We don’t know much about this new weaponry besides the Heavy Sniper – it will be legendary only and will pack plenty of stopping power – so click the tweet above to hear the leaked sound file courtesy of @TwoEpicBuddies. If the other two new weapons sound anywhere near as good as this Barrett 50-cal, we’re in for a treat in this week’s Fortnite update.

Fortnite 5.2 patch notes – new cosmetics

Prepare to turn whatever cash you have left into Fortnite V-Bucks: the Fortnite 5.2 patch notes appear to be giving us loads of new ways to customise our battle royale arena of death. Along with some predictably cool new Fortnite skins – such as the hotly anticipated Durr Burger skin – we will also be able to customise map markers, vehicles such as the ATK, and hats. The leaks also suggest that consumable emotes will allow you to express yourself when you consume an item, and calling cards will allow you to taunt your opponents after you’ve defeated them.


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