Fortnite Battle Royale Hit 811,000 Concurrent Users in Past Weekend

Epic Game’s take on the Battle Royale genre in the survival third-person title, Fortnite racked up some pretty significant numbers last weekend. The company revealed on Twitter that server issues over the weekend were caused due to 811,000 concurrent users. The most significant record till this point has been 525,000 concurrent users from when the free to play title first launched.

Fornite essentially follows the same format as Bluehole Studios PUBG, in the sense that there is a giant 100-player map, you all select where to spawn out of a flying craft, and are tasked with surviving both the enemy players and the ever-closing damage circle.

It’s pretty amazing to see just how fast this game has been growing especially since the mode originally launched apart of the paid early access program of Fortnite. Perhaps the free-to-play model is how gaming could evolve in the future?

In other news, a new update is also set to launch later today providing a ‘smoother experience’, as well as the option to use an uncapped framerate for PS4 and PS4 Pro users. Read about update 1.8.1, here.

‘Update 1.8.1 focuses on optimising the Halloween special event, ‘Fortnitemares’ by making sure players have a smooth and stable experience. The update also fixes the usual bugs and glitches experienced in the world.

The update has also added a nifty option for those who weren’t happy with the frame-rate cap. You can now select to either have a capped or uncapped framerate, with the later rendering the game slightly more unpredictable in terms of performance.’

Fortnite is out in early access now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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