Fortnite is getting a Durr Burger skin

fortnite durr burger skin

The Durr Burger itself might have relocated during the launch of the latest Fortnite season, but it’s about to become even more prominent in-game. The latest datamines have uncovered a host of new skins and items, including a fresh Durr Burger look to keep the action looking tasty.

Hidden skin names noted in the latest update include a male “DurrburgerHero,” “Celestial,” and “SushiChef.” There’s also female “FuzzyBearPanda,” and multi-gendered variations of “Exercise” and “StreetRacerWhite” skins. No images of any of these skins are out there just yet, though an impressive fan mockup of a Durr Burger skin made the rounds last month – perhaps inspiring Epic to make the skin real.

There are plenty of contenders for the best battle royale game title – but how many have burgers?

The datamines come via XDA-Developers, who dug into the upcoming Fortnite Android port to find the files. The port apparently launches with the 5.2 patch, which should go live soon. Though these cosmetics are added as part of that patch, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually go live alongside it, as datamines typically uncover upcoming additions weeks or even months ahead of time.

Here’s an idea of what that Durr Burger skin might look like, courtesy of ThatsMyMilkyway on Reddit.

fortnite durr burger skin concept

The Durr Burger appears to be a heavily emphasized point in the new files, with associated gliders, pickaxes, and back back bling also noted. There are associated consumables as well, with Durrrables Burger providing healing, Durrrables Drink offering shields, and Durrrables fries giving a movement speed boost. Some of those items have been hanging around the game files for months, but it seems the Durr collection is starting to grow.

We’ll keep you updated on all the Fortnite skins as we hear about them. If you need to level up your battle pass a bit more, check out our Fortnite season 5 week 4 challenges guide for info on what you’ll need to get done this week.


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