Fortnite Servers Are Down For An Extended Period

I guess there is never really a good time for servers to be down, but today is a specifically bad day to have server downtime considering today kicks off Easter weekend. Through the game’s Twitter account developer Epic Games has warned players that Fortnite’s servers will be down for maintenance today, March 29, to introduce the v3.4 patch into the game:

“We are targeting a 4am ET (8 GMT) release on March 29 for the v3.4 update
NOTE: There will be extended downtime for this update.”

Usually Fortnite server maintenance is relatively quick, lasting only around an hour – for today, however, we don’t know how long the servers will be inactive for.

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games recently introduced a new shotgun into the Battle Royale mix, read more about it, here.

‘The weapon increases range and damage of regular shotguns – which is pretty dangerous considering how lethal the existing shotguns already are. As of right now, the loot is limited to Epic tier, so don’t expect to find it often. Epic Games has been hard at work to provide players with exciting new content, most recent weapon releases include the Hand Cannon, Crossbow and Hunting Rifle, each having their own impact on the game.’


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