Fortnite’s Clinger Grenade Is Being Used For Suicide Attacks

Yesterday Epic Games Introduced a new grenade into the Fortnite battle royale mix – dubbed ‘The Clinger’ the grenade is essentially just comical rework of the ‘sticky grenade’ we all know too well.

While yes, some players have been using it how the developers would expect – a special group of gamers have taken its usability a little bit differently. As you can see from this clip on Twitch, all you need is a willing teammate to stick you with a clinger before you run into the enemy and explode, killing them but not yourself, since friendly fire is off.

It’s a sneaky exploit which I’m sure Epic Games will patch ASAP, so get as much killing done as soon as you can.

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Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and iOS.


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