Fortnite’s rift is gone, leaving behind a giant purple cube

Fortnite’s mysterious purple lightning strikes have now resulted in an equally mysterious purple cube. It’s shown up in place of the cactus ring that’s slowly been destroyed over the course of the past day, at the same point in Paradise Palms.

The cube is bouncy, knocking away bullets and melee-swinging players alike. It shows brief flashes of strange runes when it’s attacked. It’s not all bad, though – bouncing on top of it restores your shields, even if the restoration comes pretty slowly. Though it seems some are getting bounced away for a decent chunk of damage, so watch out.

It came down a handful of minutes ago, arriving with a massive rift lightning strike, just like those that destroyed the cactus ring, except much bigger. Afterward, the rift itself finally closed off, apparently done with its interdimensional business for the time being.

This is likely the start of the build for Season 6, as most of the previous in-game events have paved the way for the launch of a new stage for the game. Exactly what the mysterious purple cube signifies is still uncertain. (I trust it completely.)

One of the odder addendums to all this is the fact that the timing coincided with the latest part of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish series. It just so happens that Ninja was right around the location of the strike, and his Twitch offers a pretty good view of what happened from a player perspective.

There are plenty more angles on the new addition (including one from FortniteBR on Twitter, which serves as our header image), but you can just hop into a game to see the cube for yourself. It’s tough to miss, so thank the bus driver and dive in to check it out.

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