Friday The 13th Quitters To Get Blacklisted in ‘Salt Mines’


You may want to think again before hitting that leave match button on Friday The 13th. IllFonic have introduced a new measure to ‘slash’ toxic players in the community. If you leave a match early, you will be rewarded with a new currency called salt. Players who are salty enough will be sent to the ‘salt mines’ whereby you’ll only be able to queue with other salty players.

In a post on the game’s forums, Gun Media community lead ShiftySamurai laid out the groundwork for this new system. There are a few ways players can earn Salt:

  1. Leave a match early
  2. Leave a match while being killed
  3. Leave a match as Jason
  4. Leave a match while hosting

.According to the post on the forums, Salty players will play together in Quick Play, but private match will allow you to play with anyone. As of right now, it isn’t clear much Salt you earn for each of the above transgressions, ShiftySamurai does say that Salt will go away with time.

Friday The 13th is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Thoughts on the new system? Let us know in the comments down below.

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