Frostpunk sells 250,000 Units On Steam In First 66 Hours

Frostpunk, the recently released hardcore society building sim has done brilliantly since it’s release last week. According to the devs, the game sold 250,000 copies in the space of 72 hours – while to many this may not seem like a huge number, coming from a smaller indie studio, it’s a pretty massive feat.

In addition to this milestone, the game has also reached the Top Games played on Steam with a concurrent player base of 29,195 people which, as speiltimes points out, is close to concurrent playerbase of EVE Onlne.

How far will you go to survive? That’s the central conceit of Frostpunk, the next game by the developers that brought us the bleak This War Of Mine. The world is frozen, and if you want your last bastion of humanity to live for long, you’ll need to know all the ins-and-outs of the apocalypse. It’s not enough to provide warm beds and food — your generator is the one and only source of heat in the city, and the further your buildings are from the center, the colder they’ll be.

Frostpunk is out now for PC via Stea.


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