Funko’s Jolteon Pokemon Figure Available Now

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Get ready to add a Jolteon to your collection of high quality Funko figures. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company officially released their “Afternoon With Eevee” Jolteon figure, giving fans their first (and likely only) chance to purchase this high-quality figure. Jolteon stands ready to strike, ready to fire its signature Pin Missiles at any foe that crosses its path. The figure is one of Funko’s limited edition collaborations with the online Pokemon Center store and can be combined with other “Afternoon With Eevee” figures to form a full panorama.

The “Afternoon With Eevee” line is the latest collaboration between Pokemon and Funko, following last year’s “A Day With Pikachu” series and the ongoing Pokemon line of Funko POP! figures. Each figure stands about 4 inches tall, is made of PVC and shows Eevee and its evolutions in their “natural” habitat. While made by Funko, these figures also don’t feature the distinctive “box-shaped” head designs of the company’s POP! figures. These figures are big collectors items, so you’ll need to act quickly or find them from a secondary seller.

As with other “Afternoon With Eevee” figures, the Jolteon figure is expect to sell out quickly. Every other “Afternoon with Eevee” figure has sold out after a few days, so you’ll want to get your hands on this new figure when it’s officially released next week. With the release of Espeon, only Jolteon, Leafeon, and Umbreon remain to formally complete the collection. The Pokemon Center also has tons of other great items on sale, including a new line of tropical shirts and t-shirts, along with Gallery Figures depicting various Pokemon in the middle of an attack.

You can check out the Jolteon figure at the Pokemon Center website.

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