Future PC ports teased by Persona publisher Atlus

Atlus is best known for RPGs like the Shin Megami Tensei series and its popular Persona spin-off. For years, the company has focused on console and handheld development, but that changed today with the launch of sexy puzzle-platformer Catherine on PC, and now fans are left to wonder if the company’s more famous titles may follow.

Atlus became a Sega subsidiary several years ago, and it seems fans of the studio are finally starting to reap the benefits of the larger publisher’s increasing focus on PC ports. “We hope to have more exciting news to share from Sega/Atlus in regards to publishing on PC in the future,” Sega tells PC Gamer. That sort of boilerplate statement isn’t altogether notable one its own, but it fits a pattern that gives us hope to finally see Persona on PC.

Sega’s been making the same sort of statement regarding Persona on PC for years, but it’s worth noting that at least one of those statements was accompanied by similar interest in porting the Yakuza series – which, of course, finally happened last year. Atlus talked about Persona PC again following actions against a PlayStation 3 emulator. The company even polled Japanese fans about bringing Persona 6 to home computers.

None of this counts as concrete confirmation, but we do have repeated indication that Atlus is interested in bringing further games to PC. And now there’s a solid Catherine PC port that proves it’s possible – though admittedly, it comes with the caveat that we may remain out of date, since this isn’t the expanded Full Body release coming soon to consoles.

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Future ports likely depend in part on the success of this one, and luckily Jeremy’s review of his time with Catherine PC suggests the game is well worth returning to. Maybe by the time Persona 6 comes around on PlayStation, we’ll finally get to see Chie and the gang on PC.


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