Gamevice Partners With Eden Games, Adds Controller Support For Gear.Club

Eden Games, the development team behind the V-Rally and Test Drive Unlimited racing series, has forged a union with Gamevice. Gamevice is an attachable controller that boasts the lowest latency on the market, and is currently compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPad pro (so long as they run iOS 7.0 or later) but also works with a small range of Android devices.

One of the perks of this partnership is precision control. It’s well known that touch screens don’t offer the same functionality as standard controllers, and that’s where the Gamevice steps in. By mimicking a true console experience, it bridges the gap between home entertainment systems and portable gaming devices.

According to Gamevice CEO Phillip Hyun, its joysticks, buttons and triggers are a “perfect match” for Eden Games’ free to play mobile title, Gear.ClubAs a high-octane racing simulator, realism is key, and David Nadal of Eden Games confirms that Gamevice improves the accuracy, comfort and control of the entire experience.

For more information on Gamevice or pricing options, head on over to the official website.

You can download Gear.Club via the App Store or Google Play StoreGear.Club is also expected to hit the Nintendo Switch in Q4 of this year.


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