Gearbox Studios Releases Two More Teaser Images for Their PAX East Panel

Gearbox Studios has shared two more teaser images for their upcoming PAX East panel on Twitter today, which states that these teases are from two other games which are set to announce at the panel.

Things are really starting to heat up as Gearbox now has 3 teaser images for 3 separate games. One is most likely the highly anticipated Borderlands 3 reveal, one has a BioShock look to it and the other looks like a pixelated version of a Borderlands title.

Now, these are all speculations, but these seem to be the best bet. The Panel is set for PAX East, which takes place from March 28-31.

Check out the second tease from Gearbox Studios:

Check out the third tease down below:

In related news, Gearbox first teased out an image for their upcoming PAX East panel which had many fans speculating what the famed developer could be announcing. Check out the full teaser image from a couple of days ago, right here.

If Borderlands 3 gets announced at PAX East 2019, make sure to check back here at Gameranx as we will have full coverage on the highly anticipated entry in the franchise. What do you hope to see in Borderlands 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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