God of War Almost Featured Egyptian Mythology

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When it comes to the PlayStation 4 there are a few must-have exclusive video game titles. One of those being the latest installment to God of War which features our god killing protagonist leaving behind the Greek mythology that has been present in all of the previous installments within the franchise. With this latest installment, Kratos ventures into new territory where players will be facing against Norse gods, however, it turns out that there very well could have been a different setting for the game.

Recently Cory Barlog, the director behind God of War, held a presentation at Devcom. It was during this presentation that Cory unveiled other setting possibilities that the development team was discussing prior to choosing Norse mythology.

As it turns out the other settings being considered were Egyptian, Inca, and Hindu. After discussing the possibilities, developers settled on two main candidates which were Norse mythology that was ultimately picked and Egyptian. There were also apparently more than just discussions between these two settings locations as Cory showcased concept artwork which unveiled what God of War could have looked like if the developer had opted to go with an Egyptian setting.

For the most part, it appears that the developers had most of the core features in-mind throughout the game’s settings such as Kratos looking over his son. However, with news of Kratos being tossed in other mythologies, it would be interesting to see just how much longer God of War will be set in Norse mythology of it we will see other areas being explored in the future.

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