God of War Devs Discuss Camera’s Perspective and Its Impact on Combat and Gameplay

God of War is one of the most anticipated titles, and its release is getting closer day by day. Sony Santa Monica is trying many new things with the title while maintaining the main features and identity of God of War titles.

Lead Gameplay Designer Jason McDonald and Lead Systems Designer Vince Napoli were recently featured in an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, where they discussed the difficulties and challenges they had to overcome during development. One of the more interesting questions was the discussion the development team had to determine the game’s camera aspect since fans noticed the change from the camera aspect in older games. McDonald and Napoli explained the decision and how it will benefit players during combat.

Jason McDonald: What we did is we actually brought [the camera] way in and we brought it in closer than we even started to try to not do this hybrid thing, which is kind of far. We just went in close and we got a lot of people to play it and try to see like, “OK, from this perspective, like what do you think?” And like he was saying, once we added the axe throw capability that really worked really well for that perspective. It allowed Kratos to handle enemies at distance and close ranges like he used to do in the past. It just started to take off from there once we started just actually battling the problem of, “OK, what do you need to do?” That’s when all this stuff started to become more important because now that you’re right down in there, you can kind of really get the depth perception of those. I would just do this is right next to the wall and take advantage of that, and all that decision making started to take off.

Vince Napoli: It also turned the corner to you when the son became [a part of gameplay]. I don’t know how much you use him in combat, but he’s actually like a massive tool that you have. He’s got a lot of abilities and a lot of behaviors that aren’t really accustomed to a lot of the enemies. Once we realized that with this limited camera perspective, having another character that can draw agro, protect you, call things out, or on command interrupted people and stun them was huge. So like once that tool came online, all of a sudden the cameras and stuff didn’t really become a hindrance. It became part of the gameplay of using him correctly. Like how well can you manipulate him just as well as your own character? I think that was like a big step.

God of War releases on April 20th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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