God Of War Leaked 2 Weeks Before Release

It’s happened before and it will happen again. Along with previous titles such as God of War 3, Heavy Rain and others, the official God of War Reboot has been leaked by an unknown retailer. The leak comes just two weeks from the game’s release of 23 April 2018.

User kemar7856 took to Reddit to show off his purchased hard copy of God of War. Of which you can see the images down below:

When it comes to file size, you can expect to have around 50GB free space for the title on your console – which gives truth to some of the previous rumors stating that you’ll need 45GB. Thoughts on the leak? Let us know down in the comments below.

In other God of War news, some of the devs took to a Q&A to discuss the combat mechanics, read more about it, here.

‘Lead Gameplay Designer Jason McDonald and Lead Systems Designer Vince Napoli were recently featured in an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, where they discussed the difficulties and challenges they had to overcome during development. One of the more interesting questions was the discussion the development team had to determine the game’s camera aspect since fans noticed the change from the camera aspect in older games. McDonald and Napoli explained the decision and how it will benefit players during combat.’

God of War releases exclusively for PS4 April 23rd.

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