Gone Home Is Officially Coming To The Nintendo Switch

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Over the past decade we have sen some really incredible narrative driven video games release into the market. One of those narrative driven video games was Gone Home which was developed by a small indie team by the name of Fullbright. Now the video game will soon find its way onto the latest Nintendo console platform the Nintendo Switch.

The video game plays out like a first-person adventure title where players take on the role of a young girl who returns home on break. However, once players arrive home they find it empty. This journey is based around finding where your mother, father and sister has vanished too.

Gameplay is more or less a walking simulator where you roam from room to room in order to find enough clues that you’ll figure out just what happened prior to your arrival. While this title looks to be filled with jump scares just waiting to pop out, it’s actually a deep narrative journey that’s relaxed. You won’t find yourself running from a supernatural being or invader.

This game went on to win a number of awards along with it being released on several platforms. There was even a report of the game coming to the Nintendo Wii U however due to the life cycle of the console it didn’t take long before the project was scrapped.

For now players can expect the release of Gone Home for the Nintendo Switch to take place on August 23, 2018.

[Source: VG247]


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