Google Announces New Streaming Technology Stadia, Expected to Launch This Year


Google took to the stage today at GDC 2019 and officially announced its highly anticipated new gaming platform.

Now today we have learned what Google is planning to do within the gaming community, and for some aspects, it’s very interesting. Instead of announcing a traditional console, Google is releasing a new streaming technology that will allow gamers to play games on their TV’s, phones, and even laptops. The crazier part is that Google is saying that there will be little to no latency issues, as well as high fidelity graphics such as Doom Eternal running at 4K 60 FPS.

The whole press conference was crazy, from announcing the technology to detailing what it could do. If Google manages to actually pull this off, gaming, in general, can be changed for a lot of people. The whole GDC press conference announcing the formerly named streaming technology — Stadia is down below, please check it out in full!

Check out the full Google GDC Stadia gaming announcement down below:

Are you excited for Google’s take on a gaming platform? Think it has the chops to compare to the other major competitors? Let us know in the comments below on what you think!

Source: YouTube


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