Google reveals Stadia, its game streaming service

At GDC today, Google revealed Stadia, its game streaming service – which it plans to use to “build a game platform for everyone”. The company showed how the technology will work which if successful, could have enormous impact.

The device will stream games at 60fps and 4k, so you’ll want to make sure your internet bandwidth is up to scratch, and there’s even a bespoke controller for it. It’s based on a custom GPU that can kick out “more than ten teraflops of power”. According to Google, anyone can stream the latest games within seconds, across all devices.

It showed Stadia working with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which was tried on phone, tablet, TV, and “the least powerful PC we could find”. While obviously in optimal conditions, the game loaded within moments and ran perfectly across all of these systems.

Google also showed how Assassin’s Creed Odyssey worked from within YouTube. Attached to a YouTube trailer was a ‘Play Now’ option, and players can simply click on this button to instantly be transported into the game – within five seconds, according to Google. No download, no patch, no complicated install procedure.

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The game is streamed completely through Google Chrome using the new Stadia service. A range of games are planned for the service, and Google also has its own controller built for Stadia.

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